Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"I'm Hit" viral video - blatant government manipuation

I watch the news every morning.  Usually CNN.  Why CNN?  Well, it's prety clear why I don't watch MSNBC....  Anyways, I was sitting down with my morning coffee and saw a video of a soldier from Iraq that had apparently gone viral.  I hadn't been keeping up with my internet trends apparently, since I hadn't seen it.  The soldier, who I have tremendous respect for (as I do all who serve to protect freedom) was stuck in a tight spot with his mates and was getting a ton of fire from the Taliban.  They were pinned.  To save his friends, this guy runs into the open, drawing fire so they can make it to safety.  Obviously, the plan was for him to eventually make it to safety too.  US soldiers don't follow the same tactics as middle easterners and the japanese...  Well, big suprise, the guy gets shot.  Not fatally, thankfully, but he starts crying out for help.

Fast forward to the present, and the guy is embarrsed of how he acted.  He didn't post the video to youtube (it was taken by his helmet cam), and actually tried to get it removed because he thought it made him look like a wuss.  Youtube didn't respond, and it ended up going viral.  Big time.  The military told him not to comment on it at first, but once the national press started asking for interviews, the military changed their mind.  That's when I was watching CNN, when the soldier was on being interviewed.

Wow, what good press for the US military.  Especially when we're in a war that so many people are against.  I felt bad for the guy, he was clearly embarrassed   He really didn't look like he wanted to be there.  He wasn't getting paid... so why was he on?

The US military made him go on TV to bring good publicity.  The guy just wanted the video taken down.  This is such a blatant display of our governments manipulative policies.  This soldier gave so much to his country, risking everything to support his fellow soldiers, and when he gets back he's forced to be humiliated in front of the entire country.  Wow, what a terrible way to treat people.  All for a short lived PR stunt.

Pretty sad.

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