Thursday, January 31, 2013

How China will destroy the United States... soon.

Wow.  This is a topic that really dropped off after the election, and it's a shame.  Obama just doesn't seem to care about China's cheating.  It can't be denied, just check this graph.  IT shows the value of the Chinese Renminbi to the United States Dollar.  For years it was fixed very tightly to the USD, then China realized they could gain a trade advantage by devaluing it to the USD.  So that's what they did in 2005.  There is a very controlled decrease between 2005 and 2008, then it becomes fixed again.  China doesn't admit to this currency manipulation at all  They claim that their currency floats just like everyone else's.
Look at this graph.  It shows the currency of other major world currencies relative to each other.  It's all over the place.  Nowhere near as controlled as the communist Chinese currency.  Anyone with half a brain can see China isn't playing fair, but it's not talked about by our current administration and no one wants to do anything about it on an international level.  Wonder why such an insane amount of our goods are imported from China?  This is exactly why.  China's devalued their currency relative to ours, making their goods seem cheap to us.   We're falling into their trap, and no one wants to fix it.

So what is China's end goal?  Why devalue their currency?  Well, it's to make the United States dependent on them.  They aren't just doing that through trade, they're also snapping up as much of our debt as they can.  Our government is reliant on them to function through debt, and our private sector is reliant on them through trade.  If China decides to stop manipulating it's currency, it would jump up dramatically, and the price of all the goods we're dependent on would double.  The amount we owe them would double.  Their biding their time until the moment's right.  If we become dependent enough, when they do let their currency snap up, it will crush us.  This is the warfare of the new millennium.  It isn't just attacking our troops, it's annihilating our country. The time is coming up soon.  The worlds economies have already started to tremble.  China is still going strong.  When it happens, the world is going to fall apart, and China will emerge victorious.  Get ready.

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