Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Black Budget and Killer Microbes

51 Billion Dollars

$51 Billion.  That's how much of the United States budget isn't reported to taxpayers goes to secret military projects.  It's more than the entire military of most other countries.  It's also only the amount we know about.  There could be billions more funneled into black projects that we don't even know about.  This is just the amount that comes from tallying up the list of classified codenames that appear in the official budget.  Names like "Chalk Eagle", "Retract Maple", "Link Plumeria", "Retract Elm", and "Cobra Judy", names that have no meaning outside the walls of the pentagon.  There could easily be billions more that is siphoned from other programs or explained as an "inaccuracy" in the  federal budgeting process.

So where does this money go to?

Well that's the million 51 billion dollar question.  Of course some of it goes  to traditional covert military projects - R&D for new weapons technology, training for special ops forces.  What's concerning is the cut DARPA gets. 

DARPA, the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, is the absolute bleeding edge of military technology.  Just look at one of their recent "official" projects: binoculars that tap into soldier's brainwaves.  Another one of  their projects, which is far more conscerning, aims to "eliminate the randomness of natural evolutionary advancement" by creating a "synthetic organism" with a "self-destruct option".  While some expect this synthetic species to be roughly anthropomorphic, I believe a much  more likely explanation - and more terrifying - is that it's going to be a bacterial strain.

DARPA has always been a few steps of mainstream science, but never that far ahead.  An artificial species as complex as a human would be incredibly difficult.  An artificial bacterial strain would be simply weponizing an already available technology.  The "self-destruct" function could release toxins in response to an external cue, meaning the bacteria  could reside dormant in a person for years until activated by DARPA.

Is this so far-fetched?  Really, the only difficult part would be making the bacteria respond to the external cue.  It would be easy to make the bacteria contain a toxin, and it would be easy to make it released when the bacterial cell was destroyed.  Radio waves are able to penetrate the human body, so the bacteria could be made to react to a specific frequency combination.  Biological systems already exist that can do this, it would just be a matter of putting everything in the same place.

The government could easily put this bacteria in our water supply, or even the water supplies of enemy nations.  With this microbe, they wouldn't need a bomber to eradicate an entire city, they would only need to hack a radio tower to kill every infected individual within hundreds of miles.  It would essential bring cyber-warfare to the physical world.

We need to be careful.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

How China will destroy the United States... soon.

Wow.  This is a topic that really dropped off after the election, and it's a shame.  Obama just doesn't seem to care about China's cheating.  It can't be denied, just check this graph.  IT shows the value of the Chinese Renminbi to the United States Dollar.  For years it was fixed very tightly to the USD, then China realized they could gain a trade advantage by devaluing it to the USD.  So that's what they did in 2005.  There is a very controlled decrease between 2005 and 2008, then it becomes fixed again.  China doesn't admit to this currency manipulation at all  They claim that their currency floats just like everyone else's.
Look at this graph.  It shows the currency of other major world currencies relative to each other.  It's all over the place.  Nowhere near as controlled as the communist Chinese currency.  Anyone with half a brain can see China isn't playing fair, but it's not talked about by our current administration and no one wants to do anything about it on an international level.  Wonder why such an insane amount of our goods are imported from China?  This is exactly why.  China's devalued their currency relative to ours, making their goods seem cheap to us.   We're falling into their trap, and no one wants to fix it.

So what is China's end goal?  Why devalue their currency?  Well, it's to make the United States dependent on them.  They aren't just doing that through trade, they're also snapping up as much of our debt as they can.  Our government is reliant on them to function through debt, and our private sector is reliant on them through trade.  If China decides to stop manipulating it's currency, it would jump up dramatically, and the price of all the goods we're dependent on would double.  The amount we owe them would double.  Their biding their time until the moment's right.  If we become dependent enough, when they do let their currency snap up, it will crush us.  This is the warfare of the new millennium.  It isn't just attacking our troops, it's annihilating our country. The time is coming up soon.  The worlds economies have already started to tremble.  China is still going strong.  When it happens, the world is going to fall apart, and China will emerge victorious.  Get ready.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"I'm Hit" viral video - blatant government manipuation

I watch the news every morning.  Usually CNN.  Why CNN?  Well, it's prety clear why I don't watch MSNBC....  Anyways, I was sitting down with my morning coffee and saw a video of a soldier from Iraq that had apparently gone viral.  I hadn't been keeping up with my internet trends apparently, since I hadn't seen it.  The soldier, who I have tremendous respect for (as I do all who serve to protect freedom) was stuck in a tight spot with his mates and was getting a ton of fire from the Taliban.  They were pinned.  To save his friends, this guy runs into the open, drawing fire so they can make it to safety.  Obviously, the plan was for him to eventually make it to safety too.  US soldiers don't follow the same tactics as middle easterners and the japanese...  Well, big suprise, the guy gets shot.  Not fatally, thankfully, but he starts crying out for help.

Fast forward to the present, and the guy is embarrsed of how he acted.  He didn't post the video to youtube (it was taken by his helmet cam), and actually tried to get it removed because he thought it made him look like a wuss.  Youtube didn't respond, and it ended up going viral.  Big time.  The military told him not to comment on it at first, but once the national press started asking for interviews, the military changed their mind.  That's when I was watching CNN, when the soldier was on being interviewed.

Wow, what good press for the US military.  Especially when we're in a war that so many people are against.  I felt bad for the guy, he was clearly embarrassed   He really didn't look like he wanted to be there.  He wasn't getting paid... so why was he on?

The US military made him go on TV to bring good publicity.  The guy just wanted the video taken down.  This is such a blatant display of our governments manipulative policies.  This soldier gave so much to his country, risking everything to support his fellow soldiers, and when he gets back he's forced to be humiliated in front of the entire country.  Wow, what a terrible way to treat people.  All for a short lived PR stunt.

Pretty sad.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hollow Earth Theory

I've always been fascinated by the idea that there is another civilization living beneath our feet.  The theory has been around since ancient times - or at least ever since we realized the earth isn't flat - and it's stuck around in one form or another since.  I don't know if it's ever reached widespread acceptance at any point in it's history, but it's always had a reasonably-sized following.

There are a few different models of how our earth could be hollow.  One of the older, models, which isn't quite as "mainstream" (haha) now, is the concentric shell theory.  It states that the Earth isn't exactly hollow, but it has other hollow earths inside of it!  Apparently, the mathematician that came up with it said there were exactly three earths within our earth.  I'm sure you're wondering - wouldn't it be dark in there?  Other models depend on a central sun, what's going on in this model to keep it from just being a huge cave?  Well scientists believed that the atmosphere within the earth was luminous!  It didn't need a sun, EVERYTHING within the earth glowed like daylight!  The most interesting part of this theory is that the northern lights, the amazing light patterns shown at dawn and dusk in Alaska, Northern Canada, and other regions close to the north pole, was explained as escaping luminous atmosphere from within the earth!  It think this explanation makes a lot of sense, and is at least easier to understand than science's current explanation about magnetism or something.
I like this explanation because it just makes sense!  It's so easy for me to conceptualize.  It's really hard for me to accept the idea of a separate sun being at the center of our hollow earth.  I think some hollow earth theories involve massive openings at the north and south poles, through which OUR sun enters to light up the center of the hollow earth when it's night time on the surface.  Now I'm all for a good conspiracy, and I can chalk up a certain amount of contrary evidence to a government conspiracy, but I'm pretty certain folks in China have light when it's dark over here.  This hollow earth model might have made more sense back in the day, when we didn't know anything about the world as a whole, but now it seems pretty ridiculous.  I think the most common theory now involves a small sun at the center of the planet.  Now that I'm thinking about it, it does kinda make sense.  The small sun would provide the same heat at the center of our Earth that scientists ascribe to the molten core.  

If you want to read more about this stuff, I would HIGHLY recommend checking out Conspiracy Critic's page on the Hollow Earth theory.  I love their site - it's like a or conspiracists.  That site goes into some of the other models and has a section on proposed inhabitants within the hollow earth that I thought was amazing.  I even verified with other sites - Hitler believed in a hollow earth, and a lot of people believe he found the opening and escaped!  He could be living there today!  They never found his body you know....

Welcome to my blog!

Hey everybody!  Thanks for coming to my new blog, Everything Conspired.  I plan on discussing new and relevant conspiracy theories, as they happen.  The world is a twisted place, and someone needs to interpret the news and keep vigilant.  When there are lulls in suspicious activity in the world (hard to believe, I know), I'll be posting about some older, more established theories I find interesting and plausible.  If you ever have any theories of your own you'd like covered, or just want to chat about what I've written, leave it in the comments!  I'll read every comment on here.

I hope you enjoy!

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